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Hydro Excavation is a effective and safe alternative to other methods of excavation for a wide range of uses (the safest method while working with and around underground services).

Rather than digging or using tools to remove soil from an area, the Hydro Excavation truck's high-pressure water wand is used to cut through the soil to create a dirt slurry. The hydro vacuum then sucks up the slurry to reveal deeper layers of the ground below.

The hydro excavation process allows for quick, clean and precise excavations that require less backfill, labour, restoration and environmental impact.

It's controlled high-pressure water stream allows for sniper-like accuracy. The soil and water slurry are conveyed via a hose to a truck-mounted spoil tank.

ELESERVE's Hydro Excavation services are a proven and cost effective method of locating, exposing and mapping of underground utilities, which can safely excavate in situations where normal excavation machinery cannot be used (jobs with underground services such as telecommunications, electrical services, sewage pipes, water lines and gas).

Especially useful in confined areas, trenching under paths, driveways and fences, digging beside buildings and tanks or those hard to reach places, minimising damage to surrounds with minimal cleanup once finished.

Safety is our priority and our trucks meet stringent safety standards. With features like remote-controlled operation, pressure relief systems, and advanced filtration mechanisms, they minimise risks associated with waste handling and disposal. Our experienced operators ensure that every job is executed with precision and adherence to safety regulations.

Benefits of using ELESERVE's Hydro Excavations Services:‚Äč

  • Non-destructive & non-evasive digging

  • Safely locates underground services

  • A clean cut and less material needing to be removed or restored (spoil tank capacity 6300L)

  • Cost effective, minimal impact to the site and environmentally friendly

  • Trucks are equipped with all the necessary safety and compliances features

  • Drivers are highly skilled & authorised to work on AUSGRID, Endeavour and Essential Energy Networks

Note: ELESERVE has a large fleet and also offers a 4 & 6 Ton Tipper where necessary

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